Canyon Road Chardonnay 8

Au Contraire Chardonnay Ca 12 | 45

Pear, Apple, hints of brioche with elegant mouth feel

Hess Shirtail Chardonay Ca 10 | 37

Tropical, crisp and clean, bright with balanced acidity

Boomtown Chardonnay Wa 10 | 37

Fresh pears framed by balanced acidity

Merf Chardonnay Wa 9 | 36

Tropical fruits, honey, ripe citrus and vanilla

Chateau Ste Michelle Wa | 37

Tropical fruit with hints of oak

Mer Soleil Chardonnay Ca | 61

Fresh, tropical scents of pineapple and citrus blossom, balanced by the smooth character of vanilla

Shameless Hussy Viognier Wa | 46

Tropical and stone-fruit flavors

Firesteed Riesling Or 9 | 34

Stone fruit, pears, apple with hints of honeysuckle

Capture Sauvignon Blanc Ca 12 | 45

Mineral texture, brilliant acidity and a fresh finish

Uppercut Sauvignon Blanc Ca 10 | 37

Citrus, tropical fruits and crushed herbs

Portillo Sauvignon Blanc Argentina 9 | 35

Grapefruit, tropical fruits and passion fruit

Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc 49

Delicate fruit flavors, green apple and minerality

Canyon Road Pinot Grigio Ca 7

Coppola Pinot Grigio 10 | 37

Pear, green apple, grapefruit and minerality

Alta Luna Pinot Grigio Italy 35

Floral notes and nuances of fresh peach and golden apple

Sokol Blosser Pinot Grigio Or 45

Green apple and white flowers, citrus flavors, a hint of honeydew melon and a mineral finish


Canyon Road Cabernet Sauvignon Ca 8

Freakshow Cabernet Ca 12 | 46

French oak blackberries, velvety tannins, balanced and dark ripe fruits

Indian Wells Cabernet Sauvignon Wa 12 | 45

Jammy dark fruit with vanilla

Uppercut Cabernet Sauvignon Ca 55

Black cherry with hints of mocha

Kitze Cabernet Sauvignon Wa 57

Dark garnet fruit with hints of leather

Five Star Cabernet Wa 58

Blackberries and other dark fruit

Boomtown Merlot Wa 9 | 36

Liberty School Merlot Ca 11 | 41

Cherry flavor, sweet vanilla and toasted oak

Five Star Merlot Wa 13 | 51

Blackberry pie, cherry and currant

Northstar Merlot Wa 59

Cherry, raspberry with oak

Coppola Votre Sante Pinot Noir Ca 9 | 35

Raspberry with hints of oak

Gran Moraine Pinot Noir 14 | 56

Cranberry, boysenberry, rhubarb and strawberries

Estancia Pinot Noir Reserve Ca 59

Delicate red fruit, wild berries and spice

Troublemaker Red Blend Ca 12 |47

Kitze Red Blend Wa 12 | 48

Ruby red cherry, plum and blackberries

Estancia Meritage Ca 49

Lush cherry and plum with hints of mocha

Treana Red Blend Ca 55

Black currant, hints of mocha and dried herbs

Confluence Red Blend Wa 58

Boysenberry, earth and floral notes

Kaiken Malbec Argentina 9 | 36

Ripe fruit with traces of tobacco and butterscotch

Seattle Son Malbec Wa 58

Violet, raspberry and barrel notes

Montevina Zinfandel Ca 37

Lush blackberry, ripe plum and spice

Gabbiano Reserve Chianti Italy 48

Ruby red, fruity with spice

Five Star Sangiovese Wa 58

Violets and red berries

Bella Bella Syrah Wa 58

Floral aroma with star anise accents, tobacco and barrel notes

Penfolds Shiraz Australia 57

Deep red cherry and spice


Barnard Griffin Rose of Sangiovese Wa 9 | 35

Raspberry and pomegranate flavors are backed by zippy acidity

Bertani Bertarose Italy 38

White flowers, cherry, roses and strawberries

Montevina White Zinfandel Ca 8 | 32


Segura Vuidas Cava Spain  33

White fruit, citrus with floral notes

Le Marca Prosecco Italy 38

Citrus, honey and white flowers

Lunetta Prosecco, 187ml bottle 9

Crisp apple and peach with a clean finish

Roscato Rosso Dulce Italy 9

Blackberries and ripe wild berries

Chandon Brut Ca 49

Apple, pear and citrus